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Opening Ceremony of Huachen Group Dezhou Branch

Release time:2022-06-13 Publisher: HUACHEN GRO

At the beginning of 2020, the whole country, all walks of life, and every household actively responded to the call of the state, and fully invested in the prevention and control of this sudden COVID-19 epidemic. Affected by the epidemic, all kinds of catering. Hotels are rarely open, tourist attractions, amusement facilities and entertainment venues are basically closed, and schools and other educational institutions all over the country have postponed the start of school. All kinds of factories, industrial and mining enterprises and construction sites, except for daily medical care or daily necessities, have mostly postponed the start of work, and the start date of some factories and enterprises cannot be predicted.

At home, it is to help the epidemic calm down; Construction is to help the economy recover.

On February 18th, 2020, Wucheng County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, under the condition of taking all kinds of measures to prevent COVID-19, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for all key projects in the county, and Zhang Shaohaohao, deputy mayor of Dezhou City and municipal public security bureau, attended the ceremony. In 2020, Wucheng County started 22 projects in spring with a total investment of 11.419 billion yuan. Concentrated projects, such as the design of high-end equipment, advanced materials, modern agriculture, new energy and other fields, will surely set off a new upsurge of project construction in the county, injecting new vitality and adding new impetus to the development of Wucheng.

The commencement ceremony of the whole key project in Wucheng County was successfully carried out in our new factory in Dezhou, Huachen Group. Our company is a large domestic manufacturer of small-volume steel seamless gas cylinders. In 2020, our company Lu Huachen Medical, a subsidiary of COVID-19 Huachen Group, donated large and small medical oxygen cylinders and medical oxygen supplies to various epidemic areas throughout the country for free. The enterprise has advanced technology, excellent products, and after the project is completed, it will greatly promote the industrial transformation and development of Wucheng County.

Our company, together with other projects in Wucheng, started construction intensively, which is an important achievement of Wucheng County's promotion of "double recruitment and double introduction" and speeding up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. "Project units and construction units strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, they carefully organize and scientifically construct, and strive for time, progress and quality. Ensure safety, start a business and create wealth. "

During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Wucheng County insisted on both epidemic prevention and control and enterprises' resumption of work, with both hands being hard, strictly implementing the requirements of "eight musts" and "four persistences", comprehensively standardizing the resumption of work, and ensuring the safety of enterprises' resumption of work. On the basis of comprehensively implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures, we will actively coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises by setting up an evaluation team for starting and resuming work, sending supervisors to enterprises, issuing "Pass" and other ways, and fully support and organize enterprises to resume work, so as to ensure prevention and control, market, supply and operation after resuming work, and ensure the realization of the goals and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year.

Our company will actively fulfill our responsibilities according to the requirements of Wucheng County, and will always adhere to the concept of "standing firm, being accurate and not disturbing", and go all out to complete the construction of the project as soon as possible.


Huachen adheres to the tenet of "honest service" to meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent.
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